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Talk to me before starting you journey
so that we can agree on how to proceed
step by step, nice and steady

It's an easy way to become familiar with the topic of Personal Growth and Personal Development

The right combination between

Emotional Strategies and

Rational Intuition

Lamis El Rashid

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Not Two Duality Co., LTD.


Your journey begins here

Choose the best option for you and let's start working together

Six important things about the sessions you are about to purchase

  1.  I only work online, so I can follow you wherever you are. 
  2. By purchasing a package of hours of sessions, you commit to doing your part.
    Delegating your tasks does NOT help you achieve your results.
  3. It is not possible to request a refund for the amount paid.
    I work exclusively with people who can really understand the value
    of the investment they are making for themselves.
  4.  Any cancellation of the previously Confirmed Appointment must be sent via email
    no later than 48 hours before the meeting itself.
    If for any reason this cancellation is not received within the aforementioned time,
    the amount corresponding to one hour of a session will be withheld.
  5.  Leonardo "Caruso" Colzi is NOT a doctor and does NOT deal with
    clinical therapy, treatments, diagnosis or cures.
    Natural Hypnosis, NLP, Breathwork, Meditation, Coaching and Training
    are effective introspective processes and completely natural,
    but in no case replace medical treatment.
  6. To do your session, you need a stable connection. You can attend your sessions via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
    I advise you to do some connection stability tests before the session
    so as not to waste your time and take it away from the work we are going to do.

12 Hours of Sessions

4 Hours 30 Mins of Sessions

7 Hours of Sessions

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25 Hours of Sessions

Personalized Breathwork Program

1 Hour Session

All prices are to be understood as already including VAT. You can pay by credit card, PromptPay, Link, Visa, Maestro. Once the payment has been made you will receive an email with the availability to do the session.

If you have any questions, please write me a message.

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