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Session One on One

Talk to me before starting you journey
so that we can agree on how to proceed
step by step, nice and steady

It's an easy way to become familiar with the topic of Personal Growth and Personal Development

The right combination between

Emotional Strategies and

Rational Intuition

Lamis El Rashid

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Not Two Duality Co., LTD.


There are so many ways to change and improve in life

Find out which path is most effective for you

I believe in the uniqueness of individuals

I always put the person who works with me at the center.

There are no standardizations when working with subjectivity and the ability to manifest oneself.

In fact, an interesting aspect is discovering the resources that are already within us

in order to use them for the result we want to achieve.


Some of the tools/keys I use with my clients

Self Realization

Integration of Consciousness









What I can do for you

One on One sessions

Where real changes take place

Sessions begin with a simple questionnaire that gives you the opportunity to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Often, during the first session, important changes occur that move you toward the result you want to achieve. Each session will be well-structured, to move you forward one step at a time, without overwhelm. This makes the changes that happen, session after session, more sustainable and enjoyable. All sessions are tailor-made to your individual needs. The techniques, strategies and tools we use are all aimed at giving maximum results in a natural way and through an increase in subjective awareness.

Request an appointment and let's get started as soon as possible

Webinar, Group Activities, Training Courses

The power of the group

Group sessions can be a powerful tool because they expose you to a diversity of viewpoints. This forces you to confront your own perspectives and consider new ones, which accelerates your personal growth. During webinars and training courses, you can expect to go through a wide array of experiences, so that you can achieve new skills, techniques and tools to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Let me know if there is a particular topic you are interested in discussing

Videos and Social Media

Follow me for more concepts and explanations

Quite regularly, I publish videos, explanations and points of view that can help you understand how and why to change and improve yourself. Below you will find the links to watch my videos.


Stop looking at reality through the distorted filter. Take back control of your life and start all your experiences fully, as you choose.

I have already helped hundreds of people regain their dignity through powerful tools and simple daily strategies.

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