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Not Two Duality Co., LTD.


Introducing myself

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In Summary…

Hello there, my name is Leonardo “Caruso” Colzi.

I am the Founder and the Director of Not Two Duality Co. Ltd.

For over 15 years, I have helped people gain self-realization, and get rid of anxiety, panic, stress, limiting beliefs and fear. I have received many diplomas, certificates and awards from various schools, both in Italy and abroad. This well-rounded education allows me to offer the most professional services possible, helping a diverse clientele using a systematic and structured approach. I coach personal growth, individual development and change strategies every day, in an ethical and functional way, so that my clients achieve their objectives and obtain their desired results.

Here you will find some of the diplomas

I have received in recent years

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You can click on the diplomas to enlarge them

A bit of my story…

At the age of 10, I was hypnotized for the first time and that experience remained a beautiful curiosity that I carried with me for a long, long time.


When I was about 18, I finally managed to get hold of a book that dealt with some concepts relating to Hypnosis and Mental Simulations. From that moment it has been a continuous search for Knowledge, Disciplines, Schools, Strategies, Techniques, Tools.

The road to get to today has been complex, and even difficult at times, but I have only ever experienced the process as a joy and a privilege. I continue to study and research every day, and have chosen an "unconventional" path. This has helped me to shape my unique personal point of view, which I instill as an internal investigation tool in all my clients.

I have already helped hundreds of people live more peaceful and satisfied lives.

I provide powerful tools, techniques and strategies for change.


If this is what you're looking for

get in contact with me


It will be a journey of discovery

The journey I am making in my own life

is the experience that I make available

to those who want to discover themselves.

Other skills, passions and hobbies

I love music, play instruments, composing, arranging and improvising.

I started play piano when i was 6 years old, I also studied guitar for 4 years and played drums for a couple of decades.


When i was 22, I enrolled at the music conservatory and studied classical percussion instruments.

I worked as professional musician for about 15 years and taught music, harmony, improvvisation, drums and ensamlbe music for about 20 years.


My current job doesn't allow me to practice and play as much as I would like, but before I stopped working as a musician, I knew how to play about 13 instruments.


I love nature, the sea and good food.


You will find

the right combination between Emotional Strategies and Rational Intuition

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